Decell's Setup and Launch of a Nationwide RDS-TMC Service in Israel

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During the years 2008-2009 the Israeli PND navigation market has already exhibited a clear strengthening trend. iGO and Mio were the established dominant brands while Garmin has declared its penetration plans to the Israeli market. In spite of the availability of accurate real-time traffic information in Israel at that time, an RDS-TMC service was not yet available.


Being the leading traffic information provider in Israel, Decell had set up to establish its own RDS network. With this decision, Decell pursued and signed agreements with several broadcasters to reach a national broadcasting footprint covering 99% of the

Swift-i traffic® real-time updates via RDS-TMC on iGO navigation

country's traffic congestion areas. On the technical side, Decell implemented the necessary infrastructure equipment and performed wide coverage testing. At the same time, Decell partnered with GEWI, a global software services provider, to aid in the streaming of Decell's traffic information to the broadcast stations. Once all technical preparations were completed, Decell contacted all PND providers in Israel and offered its encrypted premium swift-i traffic® information via RDS-TMC.


As of this day Decell is the only RDS-TMC service provider in Israel and serves all RDS-TMC enabled navigation devices. The distribution of swift-i traffic® relies on Decell's TISA certified TMC location table number 36. This location table is highly detailed and displays the highest available TMC resolution. Swift-i traffic® is integrated in the navigation calculations, offering its users nationwide dynamic route guidance.