Decell Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 2000 and

registered in Delaware, USA. With a fully owned Israeli subsidiary,

Decell Technologies Ltd., Decell leverages its unique technology to provide accurate, real-time traffic information. Decell performs sophisticated fusion and smart analysis of several raw data sources, such as Cellular Floating Car Data (CFCD) derived from mobile phones and location data from GPS equipped devices.


Decell provides the navigation, transportation, media, government,

and mobile markets with swift-i traffic®, Decell's premium real-time

traffic information. Swift-i traffic® is not only highly accurate, but also offers comprehensive road coverage, high availability and easy integration to all applications.


Patented technology and unique architecture positions Decell as

a leading traffic expert, providing state-of-the-art tools for improving road networks' efficiency.

Decell is led by a seasoned management team with extensive international experience in growing technology companies.

The world-class development team at Decell has proven expertise in the areas of wireless communications, telecommunications, statistics, probabilistic algorithms, real-time systems, GIS, navigation and software development.


Decell has received strategic financing from Holland Venture,

a leading international venture capital firm, and Inventech,

a subsidiary of Lapidoth Israel.


Decell’s mission is to bring accurate road traffic information to the

general public at any time and in any place.

Decell’s vision includes strong partnerships with leading companies in its ecosystem, in order to collect and deliver the best available

information in each country of operation. Decell is looking to provide accurate, high quality traffic information over a variety of technologies

and applications to as large public as possible.

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