Daphna Shezaf, R&D Director

Ms. Shezaf has over 13 years of experience in technology development. Ms. Shezaf joined Decell after years of service in one of the Israeli intelligence force's elite units where she was engaged in development of complex SW systems. During her years at Decell she was responsible for the development of Decell's core system, i.e. the world-first cellular traffic data collection system, as well as various other products.
Ms. Shezaf has a B.Sc. with honors in computer science and management from Tel-Aviv University, and M.Sc. in computer science from the Hebrew University, where she researched computational linguistics. She has published papers in the field of computational linguistics and is the inventor of a patents in the field of traffic information monitoring. She is involved in science communication activities, promoting the public understanding of science and technology. She was an invited speaker on informal science communication  in the Israel Science Communication Conference.

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