Mobilkom Austria

More than three million Austrians make their calls with A1, the mobilkom austria mobile brand. Approximately 42 percent of all Austrian mobile phone users trust in A1 - the market leader in mobile communications.
The mobilkom austria group includes the mobile communications providers mobilkom austria and its subsidiaries VIPnet in Croatia, Si.mobil in Slovenia, Mobiltel in Bulgaria and mobilkom liechtenstein in Liechtenstein. Practicing communication and teamwork within the group, the exchange of experiences and knowledge - these are the factors that have led to the group's success.
Visitors from more than 140 countries and 290 mobile communications providers are able to use the A1 network for voice calls and mobile data services while staying in Austria.
Boasting the world's first GPRS network and the first nation-wide UMTS network in Europe prove that mobilkom austria is well prepared for the future of mobile communication.

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