Pelephone is an Israeli-based telecommunications company, founded in 1986

as a joint venture between Motorola and Tadiran though today it is fully owned by Bezeq, the Israel Telecommunication Corporation, Ltd. It was the first company to offer mobile phone services in Israel. The brand-name "Pelephone" became the ubiquitous term for mobile phones in Israel, even for those of other service providers.
The company currently employs about 4, 3 00 employees and has over 2. 7 million active customers. 20 09 annual revenues totaled approximately NIS 5.376 billion. 


The network started as AMPS/NAMPS in the 800/850 MHz band. In the mid-to-late 1990s it converted to IS-95 CDMA and later added CDMA2000/EV-DO capabilities as well. In 2009 Pelephone launched an advanced HIGH Speed GSM network, operating in GSM HSPA technology.

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