The Need

Numerous market surveys have ranked traffic information as one of the most desirable services for drivers, both commercial and private. Accurate real-time traffic information is needed by a large percentage of people on an almost daily basis as part of making their journeys faster and more efficient. When it comes to traffic information, users have a clear set of needs. In order to minimize driving time, traffic information needs to be up-to-the-minute, personalized, and easily accessible. Drivers require dynamic route guidance to help them choose among various route options and ultimately reach their destination as quickly as possible.


Traditional traffic information collection and delivery systems do not meet these demanding user needs. Existing information collection systems include: ground-based measurement systems (based on sensors or cameras), reports given by private drivers, taxi drivers or the police, and airborne surveillance. Current information delivery systems include radio traffic reports and roadside variable message signs. All of these traditional systems suffer from problems such as inaccuracy, time delays, limited coverage, and failure to deliver personalized information to the individual driver. Moreover, these systems can be extremely difficult and expensive to implement.

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